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    Happen to anybody else?
    Just got a registered mail letter from a lawyer snarling I was using somebody's intellectual property ... - of course, I reached up and knocked the offending page off (it was scheduled to be purged the end of the month anyway and besides it was an obsolete ad so it was not in any of my current indexing).

    How do others handle this sort of thing - or am I just special?


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    What was the item in question?

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    Net Enforcers?

    Talk to your merchant's affiliate manager about it.

    I was violating Harmon International's intellectual property a while back. I was merely hotlinking an image from an authorized internet retailer of Harmon International products and sending traffic to that authorized internet retailer.

    I used a CJ tool to generate the coded link and hotlink to the image. IOW, the merchant not only authorized it, but encouraged it. I just happen to be small enough to potentially buckle under the intimidation and pad some net enforcers report back to Harmon International.

    That merchant no longer has an affiliate program. Kinda sucks, I made good money with them.

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