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    Thumbs down Brian? anyone...Would you sign up with a merchant....
    like this?

    Months ago I posted that it did not seem right when I discovered a Merchant I promoted included affiliate datafeeds from other merchants that I myself promote, within their product line???

    Why would you promote a Merchant that includes their own products along side Linkshare (and other) affiliate links? They are competition and I still feel as though this is very deceptive.

    Why are they allowed?

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    Is it this merchant? kidsfirstinternet .org/
    Brian - In order to be fair to affiliates browsing through ShareASale for merchants, as well as to those current affiliates of KFI - we advised that the program be taken off of the main ShareASale site, and operated as a private program (by invitation).

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    Thanks so much..I missed that post! Ummm..the more I read the more I see lies lies lies!!

    Yes, it is possible. This has happened in the last 4-6 weeks as we have outsouced several categories that were not cost efficient for us.
    they posted that in APril...but it was happening in January or before?

    Here was my original one:

    Ok.....I just finished reading. I did get my notice about the private invitation, but still don't get it LOL


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