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    How do I find new LS merchants?
    Last year there were emails with subject lines like:
    The LinkShare New Merchant Announcement: 03.09.2005

    But I haven't seen any in 2006.

    A few "new merchants" are listed on the LS home page.

    HOWEVER, after browsing through every merchant at LS last year and joining those that suited, I now wish to look at just the merchants who have joined LS since then. Is there any way of achieving this?

    Is such a simple need not catered for by the bells and whistles of SynergyAnalytics, Athena and son on?

    Is a home page link the only promotion a new merchant gets?


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    I remember those new merchant announcements. That info is now available in the Linkshare affiliate newsletter, which usually is sent twice a month. in addition to new merchants, they list new promos, etc.

    Otherwise I often look at the list of merchants in the join program tab in the interface, and click on all programs, and just scroll through.

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    Finding New LS merchants
    The newsletter is Deal Dispatcher.

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    Although Deal Despatcher indicates that it is the place to announce new merchants:

    In this edition of LinkShare News, we'd like to update you on....

    * Announcing LinkShare Symposium 2006
    * Deal Dispatcher Consumer Promotions
    * Deal Dispatcher Affiliate Promotions
    * Featured & New Merchants

    going through the past issues (a year of them), not a single new merchant is announced:

    I think LS need an award for the least effort put into promoting new merchants!

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    Saw a new(?) red link on one of their inside pages in the upper right hand corner that supposedly went to some info stuff. Not all ready for prime time right then, but looks like there may be a link to the Deal Dispatcher and maybe the newsletter.

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