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    Sweepstakes - what do publishers really want?
    Each year we run a Sweepstakes to motivate our publishers during the busiest time of year. Depending on sales goals/tiers, we issue prizes.
    Here are my initial thoughts based on past years and publisher comments...any others?

    Lower to Mid Tiers:
    Gift Card to
    Gift Card to
    iPod Shuffle
    PlayStation Player
    Apple Nano
    Bose Speakers with Nano

    Higher Tiers:
    $500 Cash
    Plasma TV (36")
    Scion xA ($13,000)
    Grand Prize - win one of everything

    If you could win a car or cash - which would motivate you more?

    Thanks for your insight!
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    You don't have to pay taxes on sweepstakes winnings? You might want to check with a tax attorney before giving (incorrect) tax advice.

    I would recommend cash.

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    Thanks for your post but we use Grant Thornton as our independent, 3rd party and they oversee / monitor our sweepstakes each year. No worries, we'll definitely run over the rules and be within legal guidelines.

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    Little confusing. But the contest you had last year was great.

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