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    Hello Everyone

    MochaCity, a large Urban community website, has grown at a fast pace in the last 2yrs, with our web traffic pushing near 15 million page views per month.

    I originally offered text link advertisements here in Abest' a year ago, but that was premature on my part. I believe now we are truely ready to help some of the affiliate markets, and earn some money, effectively.

    We recently started using AdBrite to serve and offer textlink advertisements on our website, and the results have been quite impressive in regards to our members clicking on links.. here is a snippet of data regarding text link performance from (just) our members home page area:

    Day Hits Clicks
    2006-04-18 5,401 385
    2006-04-19 6,476 430
    2006-04-20 6,445 388
    2006-04-21 7,057 433
    2006-04-22 6,309 348
    2006-04-23 5,830 326
    2006-04-24 7,750 484
    2006-04-25 8,031 223
    2006-04-26 8,513 291
    2006-04-27 7,150 401
    2006-04-28 8,015 539
    2006-04-29 2,915 152

    The AdBrite served text links are shown on the left hand side of the public pages, so there is much exposure.

    For anyone interested in getting some clickthru's to their affiliate links, hit me up.

    I am willing to invest the time, and compile info on what the surfers are actually clicking on.. which is probably quite valuable, right?

    Hit me up if you are interested, the numbers don't lie and someone is making money probably on the other side of the clicks!


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    What about banner spots. I am putting together a banner net work and am looking for high traffic sites.

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