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    Calendars - Fatal Error Empty Filename - bad datafeed?
    I have a site with just 3 poodle calendars (2007). One of them causes this error:

    # process category items:

    1/2: Dog & Dog Breed (#1): 3 items, read, sort, map

    *** FATAL ERROR ***
    file_fn(SKU 1097, item #3): empty filename


    Is this a bad data feed?

    I am loading by setting data download to "no", hand modifying my datafeed ( I have modified my datafeed several times so I know it not becuse of my modification.

    Thank you


    Heres a little more info - if I add another calendar before that item in the datafeed ,the system accepts it.

    I ended up just removing the bad calendar since there was nothing else I could logically add.

    but maybe this info will help you troubleshoot the problem, David.

    Thank you
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    I just successfully rebuilt my own calendars store using the latest datafeed and DySE::Calendars v6.04.08. It worked fine.

    If you are manually modifying the datafeed file, then make sure that the records in the datafeed file is still valid.

    Yours truly,
    Cusimano.Com Corporation
    per: David Cusimano

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