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    Phony Doctor Gives Free Breast Exams
    LOL LOL - sick but made me LOL ... (stupid old fart!)

    Phony Doctor Gives Free Breast Exams

    MIAMI (April 20) - A 76-year-old man claiming to be a doctor went door-to-door in a Florida neighborhood offering free breast exams, and was charged with sexually assaulting two women who accepted the offer, police said on Thursday.

    One woman became suspicious after the man asked her to remove all her clothes and began conducting a purported genital exam without donning rubber gloves, investigators said.

    The woman then phoned the Broward County Sheriff's Office and the suspect fled. He was arrested at another woman's apartment in the same Lauderdale Lakes neighborhood on Wednesday, a sheriff's spokesman said.

    The white-haired suspect, Philip Winikoff, carried a black bag and claimed to be visiting on behalf of a local hospital.

    "He told the woman that he was in the neighborhood offering free breast exams," sheriff's spokesman Hugh Graf said in a statement.

    At least two women, both in their 30s, let him into their homes and he fondled and sexually assaulted them, the investigators said.

    Winikoff was not a doctor, Graf said. He worked as a shuttle driver for an auto dealership.

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    Yep, that made the news big time here in Florida.

    The really funny part was that the lady who turned him in got suspicious when he offered to give her a pelvic exam and did not put on any gloves. LOL I thought that was a scream. An unnanounced door-to-door breast examiner didn't set off any alarms, but when he didn't use gloves...

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    I think there is more to this story. I think there might be a company that does this sort of thing for bored housewives. Could be a doctor, a plumber, lawn boy, UPS man, milk man etc.

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