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    Exit page averages...
    I have been working hard on analyzing the different rate at which surfers leave my HOMEPAGE. Across the network it would appear that it ranges dramatically from 12% to 83%! If you have checked your stats, what are your current homepage exit rate and what would you say the average is?

    By the way this forum is AWESOME!

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    I dont think the average exit ratio is a relative percentage that can be compared.

    Some sites are built to encourage visitors to leave, since the site has been built as a medium to get visitors to an alternate site.

    While other sites are designed so that visitors never need to leave. Popups open up within the site to alternate links, but once you are finished on your detour, you land back at the original site you entered.

    So, it all depends on what your site is aiming to do, why your visitors are coming to your site, and how they actually got to your site.

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