Hello all

Just finished reading the book called Naked Conversations by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel (foreword by tom peters) and thought it would be worth sharing.

I would rate this book 6 out of 10. It goes through history and looks at the different ways blogs have helped companies grow. It is really interesting to hear how ICQ as NEVER done any advertising before it was purchased by AOL. Blogs like SpreadFireFox.com actually created over 4000 times more downloads than an advert in the new york times!

It basically tells you that blogs are great tools for big corporate entities that wish to seem more "human" and the worries about court cases coming from blogs are unfounded.

The book concludes that a blog is NOT for selling on but for providing information which then in the future will lead to people trusting and buying from you.

There is nothing in this book that you can not find out by googling!