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    New Window? Pop-up Stops?
    Should links to external sites should open in a new window?

    Yes or no?

    I used to think that opening external sites in a new window was a good idea but now so many people have pop-up blockers.

    Now I'm wondering if I really want an external link to open to a new page or should I let a link go directly to the new site/page without opening a new window?

    What's your opinion?
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    I'm not sure about this but to my knowledge a new window is not the same as a pop-up. I dont think they block links opening in a new window.

    I might be wrong on this but I dont think so.
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    This has always been a subject of much debate, some do and some don’t. I’ve been trying to get away from opening in a new window, but still do have some sites that do have links that open links in a new window. On those sites I inform my visitors that the links open in a new window, there are also scripts you can get which give them the option to open in a new window or not. I will say that if you want the SE’s to index the page through the link, it is best not to have it open in a new window.
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    I have site that use target="_blank" and they are not blocked. All pages/links also get into the SE's just fine.
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