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    "get the spammers" spam
    I got two copies of this one today. First time I've seen it. I imagine it will be spreading a lot of viruses to the well-meaning spam haters who receive it:

    Subject: FW:Prevent spam, by participying is a DDOS attacks against spam sites
    The trackback URL for this blog entry is: (edited)

    Bringing spammers to Their Knees: hopes you'll join thousands of others in an army
    of crippling spammers' Web sites.

    A few thousand spammers have ruined our internet. They've clogged our
    mailboxes with filth. Already, 90% of email traffic is made up of
    spam. Let us no longer blind ourselves to the irrefutable facts:
    current measures have failed to stop spammers. The experience of the
    past several years has proven that passive measures are just not the

    Retribution is the only real answer to spam. We must punish spammers
    ourselves to prevent them from taking over cyberspace. We must reclaim
    our territory. We need direct action to eliminate spammers for good.

    The magnitude of the task which lies before us is great. We are
    for the future of the Internet. What we need to do now is get as many
    users as possible into our community. We already have a botnet with
    hundreds of thousands of computers working together to induce
    loss on spammers and their ISPs. We have launched numerous
    Denial-of-Service Attacks on Chinese spam networks with great success,
    and plan many more!

    We have excellent financiers who allow us continued success with our
    growth and Denial-of-Service Attacks. We thank the government agencies
    for their continued cooperation. We thank our leader, Eran Reshef,
    for continued strategies of DoS attack operations. Also, US-based

    Ventures & Skybox Security for their extensive funding & continued
    And a
    very special thanks to Douglas Schrier who has helped our botnet come

    If you haven't signed up with the registry and installed a blue frog
    please sign up now.
    If your friends have not yet joined us, we will convince them to do so.

    Let's stop filtering spam and start eliminating spammers.
    Together, we will reclaim the Internet, One ddos at a time.

    Please Contact Us for any questions on signup via the following info:

    2077 Gateway Place, Suite 550
    San Jose, California 95110 USA
    Phone: 866-6SKYBOX
    Phone: 408 441 8060
    Fax: 408 441 8068

    Israel HQ:
    60 Medinat Hayehudim St.
    P.O.Box 4109
    Herzliya Pituach 46140 Israel
    Phone: +972-9-9545922

    Current and potential investor relations:
    Rembrandt Venture Partners
    2200 Sand Hill Road, Suite 160
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

    T: 650.326.7070
    F: 650.326.3780

    Fight back spam! Join our Botnet today.
    Download our .EXE here: (edited)
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    Seems the site is down. Maybe a Ddos attack The app is called Blue Frog and they have a IE version. Probably a front for the Zombie Botnet operators turning your system into a e-mail spamming machine and PPCSE forced click cheat.
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