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    Talking Can we have an ABW Census?
    Since the Active Users feature become disabled, we can't see how many people are here at any given time.

    And before anyone ask me why should I care how many people are here at any given time, this is my answer.....

    On the old board, we were able to see how many members & guests were here, as soon as the forum board page was loaded.

    On this new forum board we were able to see it, if we clicked on the Active Users: link after we logged in, but that feature is no longer available.

    I just browsed some ABW forums and I saw this:

    Active Users in Midnight Cafe': 200 (10 members & 190 guests)
    Active Users in ABestWeb Virtual Family: 39 (7 members & 32 guests)
    Active Users in Commission Junction Affiliate forum: 166 (17 members & 149 guests)
    Active Users in Linkshare Affiliate Forum: 50 (7 members & 43 guests)
    Active Users in Shareasale Affiliate Forum: 52 (3 members & 49 guests)
    Active Users in Suspicious Activity!: 40 (1 members & 39 guests)
    Active Users in Programming Corner: 32 (4 members & 28 guests)
    So, if we can see how many members & guests are in each forum, what's wrong in been able to see the total of people here from the main page or somewhere else like before?

    I don't see any negative effect on been able to see how many people are here on ABW before we log-in, but I may be wrong about that.

    But one positive effect that I thing it's good to be able to see how many people are here is that at least, during the night time hours, ABW will not look like a small town.

    After midnight sometimes we may see only 10 or 15 member names on the "What's Going On at ABestWeb?" section, and many new people may think that there are not that many people here during those hours, while in reality it could be a couple of hundred people here reading the forums while not logged in, but ready to log in, in case that a new member post a need help question or whatever.

    If you like the idea to see the total of how many are here or not, post away.......

    My is over and I will not make a poll about it.


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    Mr. Sal, I'm all for it!

    I brought up the topic in "Miss You" and in "A Request to Reinstate a Board Feature"

    I am glad someone else is giving this topic consideration.

    Thank you.
    ~Rhia7 -- Remember the 7
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    You can see it at the bottom of the forum page, it shows who is logged in. I guess I don't see the need to know how many guests are on, we all know there are innummerable guests peeking in anytime of day or night And just cause it says we're here, doesn't mean we really are.... it said I was online at ABW when I was on a plane flying cross country and when I was in Cabo with NO internet connection.... my point being, even if it were to show "active users" it lies
    Deborah Carney

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