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    How to check unpaid balance?
    I set up a higher payment threshold in my account and I did not receive checks from LS since (?) months ago. The problem is I forget everything. I forget the date when I received my last check (I know I put a record of that check somewhere in my home, but...).

    In the Affiliate Payment Summary reprot, the last payment date is Dec - 2005. Does this mean they did not pay me since Jan 2006? So I generated a "Product Success Report" from 2006-01-01 to 2006-04-30, and I found that I earned more than the payment threshold. (actually I reached that amount at 2006-2-28). Why they still do not pay me? Is there a way to check the unpaid balance?

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    I sent you a PM and requested some more information. If you respond to my PM I will look into this for you. There are several reasons why you have not received a commission check.

    1. You may not be owed any commissions or your merchants have not paid for the specific time period. Check the Merchant Payment History Report (go to SynergyAnalytics, choose Transaction Analysis tab, and select Merchant Payment History Report.)

    2. You may have a payment threshold set. Log into your account, select "Your Account”, select "Update Profile", select a channel, scroll down to "Payment - Payment Threshold [optional]", change your threshold, and click update at bottom of the screen.

    3. Your account may have a hold because your email is not valid or has been caught in a spam filter. If this is the case, you will see the instructions to validate your address when you log into your account.

    Hope this helps!


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    I suggested a report about a year ago that would show you exactly what you're looking for. It's virtually impossible to extract that information right now.

    Something very similar to this is supposed to be included in the next very of SynergyAnalytics, but I have no idea when that will come out.

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    I replied your PM moderator.

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