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    How to Create a Automatic Price Comparison Table
    I do gear reviews on my website, and I want to create a table at the bottom of the page that lists retailers selling the product, along with their current price.

    I'm sure you've seen this done all over the web, but if not here's a fine example:

    [Removed - Sorry, that's an affiliate site.]

    (not my site, so mods can delete if this link is a violation).

    Obviously I can create this manually, searching CJ et all for products, retailers, manually entering prices...but there's no way I can maintain a large number of pages/products this way.

    There must be some way people are doing this largely automatically. ie, searching retailers to see if they've got the product, grabbing their price, and then generating the table.


    I would appreciate any help you can offer in getting me started setting something like this up. Any articles, info, or other suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Sorry, but I had to remove the link because the site you referenced was an affiliate site. I think we all know what you're talking about, though.

    It's not something that's simple to set up. Basically, you need to use datafeeds and find some way to match up products. The easier way, which some use, is to partner with sites like PriceGrabber which pay a CPC rate. You might also try AdSense.

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