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    Question about Ethernet Network &
    I have all our computers networked here at the house. All machines are running windows XP, including the server which is hooked to my netgear router.

    We have run into a problem when my daughter is at

    If she opens up that website, even just the main page, I can not browse anywhere on the internet on my computer. I try to go somewhere and it just hangs, but as soon as she shuts the browser window on her machine that contains Myspace, I immediately can surf again.

    I have to tell her to stay away from that site when I am trying to work, which frustrates her since all her friends from school communicate through there.

    She can be at any other site online and it does not affect my machine at all.

    Also, if we fire up the laptop and add it into the mix, and she is on Myspace, it doesn't affect the laptop either... you can move around just fine.

    Any idea on why when she is there on her machine it would make only my machine stall?
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    Ah yes the dreaded loss of internet on select pages when using an at home network.

    Know it well.

    It's actually not you per se, nor your daughter's comptuer. It's actually XP and it's well built and robust networking protocols....

    Anyway, you need to change the computer's MTU settings. MTU is "Maximum Transmission Unit".

    Okay it's been a little bit since I typed the above, I did a little looking into netgear and MTU settings for you and found this very useful page. Saves me having to type it out

    I've never tried Dr TCP as they suggest on that netgear page, but I have to tell you, if it saves you doing it manually it's well worth it. Iit's a messy thing to modify, but it will work.

    Try it out and please report back on the outcome. Bare in mind changing the MTU settings wont have any adverse effects on your computer, it will fix the issue with missing sites etc.

    Although I'm new to the forum, I work as an IT manager in the real world (trying to get a few web sites up and running - finding time to write the articles is a challenge at the moment but the idea of working from home is oh so appealing).

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