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    This is off-topic, but - MSN Adcenter
    Just wanted to let those who don't know it is open to the public. I would have posted in their forum, but that place has tumbleweeds in it.

    To make this CJ relevant, I basically made a ton of money as a beta tester for AdCenter.

    Anyhow, even though Adcenter is up and running, it is VERY buggy. I am shocked they claimed Beta testing is done. They have some serious issues that are going to really drive people job Microsoft...As usual, relase something to the public way before it is ready...

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    Yes, still buggy. Can a mod move this to the right forum.

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    Moved. Please don't post in the wrong forum just to get attention, that is not appropriate and would make for a messy place if everyone did it. When you post it shows up in new posts, not matter what forum it is, whether there are "tumbleweeds" in the correct forum or not.
    Deborah Carney

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