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    I think it would be great to hear some ideas about sites that make income. Should they be large, or small, lots of products, or few products etc etc.
    I have a site I started building in October that is about 140 pages now. It has been making money since December when it first got into Google. However, it is not enough to give up my day job. What I want is to build more sites - lots of them.

    Advice please - how many pages should each site be if I want search engines to rank me. I will optimise for SE placement, and cross-link with other sites I build with similar themes.

    Would love to hear all of your advice.

    P.S. If this is not the correct forum for this type of message, please point me in the right direction. I am new here as you can see and would hate to get peoples backs up.
    I really like it here! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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    This forum seems as good as any to me since you have a more general question than Building Site Traffic or Site Review would normally cover. The topic can always be moved later if the other mods think it best to do so [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    You already are making some money from this, with no apparent clinkers [you're not "complaining" put it like that], which is good (shows you already know something, which makes giving advice much easier [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] ) So I'll skip the basic stuff.

    Personally I like lots of pages on a site. But others do well with mini-sites with only a few pages. Personally, however, I think mini-sites are a waste of hosting money because you end up with GREAT GOBS of unused disk space which could be making you money!

    I have the opposite problem when it comes to space, though...I've about used up the space at one of my sites and will be upgrading that account.

    As for cross-linking, there may be something to the rumors of Google looking to ban sites like that. It's a risk, so take steps to insure that your income doesn't stop if Google suddenly doesn't like you anymore.

    In fact, no matter HOW you write your site, promote it, etc. take steps to insure that your income doesn't stop if Google suddenly doesn't like you anymore! It's been known to drop people for NO REASON AT ALL! It's kinda Lotto-like. You may win, OR NOT so have a backup plan! And what wins one month may see you as listing One Million the next.

    One piece of advice is not to get toooo hung up on themes. It's EASIER to get the ranking up with related items, but NOT IMPOSSIBLE to get totally unrelated stuff (unless the fact that the items are For Sale counts as a theme, LOL) to rank well with cross-linking.

    Another thing about themes is that what Google considers related is sometimes a bit--kooky! I put 3 links on one of my pages that I figured were related. Google picked up two of them as related and gave them a boost, but the third was left as if that link didn't exist.

    Although I have to hand it to Google for being able to pick the theme off of that page at all. It wasn't exactly a competitive category (although the OTHER items were in a lot more competitive of categories!) and I'm surprised the item was in the database. Now that I think of it, it's likely that Google picked up some of the other words on the page to actually determine the theme, as opposed to the keyword I was optimizing for. (I included the word Room on the page. I wasn't listed under it, but Google may have picked up that my "related items" would indeed go in rooms.)

    If you have lots of sites, you may find it very useful to use a spreadsheet or write down what you put where. I didn't, and now I have the occasional surprise of finding links to places/pages I thought I'd gotten rid of long ago!!! So if you want to avoid that happening, keep records.

    One last piece of advice: HEDGE! People who know me will be likely to jump in laughing and try to persuade me to diversify re: networks [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] but I actually have hedging operative in many areas. Like, there's more than one site, more than one way to get a decent amount of customers coming, and PILES of merchants active! The more (smart) diversity, the better. By Smart I mean, try to refrain from signing up for stuff just because it's different than your primary stuff--ie, make sure other offers are likely to be beneficial, not just "different".

    Good luck!

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    >So if you want to avoid that happening, keep records.

    SOOO True

    The market we focus on has a number of "services" and we build sites for each. Sometimes more than one site for each. Fat ones & skinny ones.

    You can forget where you put STUFF.
    We don't take links from anyone we have not known for at least a year and they better be anal about search engine $h!t

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    Adam...quick question for you if you don't is the Cognigen working out for you. I'm trying it..seen a few sign-ups but no income (I know it takes time).

    Tom Pyles

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    The customer must order. [you get Email]
    They are verified by 3rd party. [you get Email]
    Their credit is checked
    Then they are "porvisioned"
    The process takes about 3 to 5 days depending on the service provider.

    THEN they have to use it.
    Then they get billed
    Then they pay.
    In order to hold chargebacks to a minimum, reporting is delayed 60 days.

    So you will not see useage amounts in the reports for a while.

    We have been with them for 3 years and they have never missed a payment.

    It is a slow build of residual income.

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