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    Color Chart
    A couple others have been posted in these pages, but I found this one particularly useful:
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    If you use Firefox you have to try the ColorZilla extension.

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    I like Color Schemer

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    CSS Colors - 3 digit Compressed Hex Chart?
    What about a chart for 3 digit compressed color codes used in CSS?

    If a CSS code is using a 3 digit compressed, I look to see if there is a repeating pattern in the code and I break the Hex into 3 (usually works) or I take the first 3 (but #fff as a 3 digit doesn't result in white while #000 would result in black -- so a 3 digit code can be tricky)

    Here's a good explanation (of Hex) with a color table:

    Does anyone have a chart of a straight 3 digit compressed?

    P.S. I often use the color schemer suggested by weisinator above
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    Hey I need some backlinks to my complete color charting page as the last Google snafu screwed with my SERPs.
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