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    AndysAutoSport lowers % w/out offer acceptance...
    AndysAutoSport is a fairly new merchant on CJ who was offering 8% (which is bad enough, but about on par for that niche). I got the pending offer notification, go to look & see that they want to lower it to 6%. I eplain to them that they seem to be going in the wrong direction & that their program is new & I had only just placed links. I asked for their reason & got no response... I just went to check the notification again & saw that they changed it to 6% even though I hadn't approved the new offer yet.
    Why do they even bother asking if they're going to do it anyway?
    I suggested that they come here for an education... If they're going to go that route, I have no problem letting you all know about it
    What say you AndysAutoSport?
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    Well I spent a lot of time getting a Classic Muscle car site setup at and hold out little promise for monitizing the effort with auto parts merchnats. I figure Adsense would benefit from narural SERPs so I threw in a lot of Muscle car related content. Add on some income from designing premier photo Ads, ebay and auctions and classifieds, and maybe get some brokering deals for selling these highly prized cars.

    Guess AndyAutoSport has not much value for this sections theme, so I go with Eastwood, Partstrain and JC Whitney. If it becomes too labor intensive I'll farm it out. Meantime it is diversified hoping something will catch on like slotting fees for speciality car financing, insurance, rebuilding/restoration and shipping vendors. Does it add value? Who knows, or who cares, as I enjoyed the project.
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