Hi All,

Of late, I've been given the helm of a new Online Trading Company's Affiliate Program. I've been moderately successful as an affiliate...but I'm turning to everyone for some key advice as to make it a really top notch program. What I want is a one of a kind program that's exciting and presents a true win-win scenario.

As mentioned, the business is an online trading site - where much like a online casino - a percentage of the "house" earnings is shared / or a one time Cash "reward" is granted once a new player has been registered (via the affiliate). Like ebay - a certain amount of internal activity must take place before the commission is generated. Basically, the company can afford to share around 20% with its Affiliates. This can be a lot of money. This site is not for the traditional Online Trader - but for the individual who has a credit card, puts down $500 - leverages it by 100 - and wins big or loses his $500 within a few minutes. The Affiliate would earn from the losers (which is the vast majority of people). This is quite addictive for those who like the rush - or for those who are of a unfortunate gambling mentality. This would be quite fortunate for the Affiliate of course.

I've thought to both create an Internal Program...but at the same time register at the Networks to get the word out faster. Do merchants often do this? After a bit of research, I've seen one or the other - its either totally internal or outsourced. The advantage of having an internal program is that (I think) we can give everyone 2 tiers (you earn on an affiliate you register)- which not all of the major networks allow for (?).

The following is what I've thought of so far:

1. 2 Tiers: 15% 1st Tier 5% 2nd Tier
2. 1-2 Year Cookie
3. Obviously a wide range of links, banners to key pages.

I think I'll advertise on this site in the near future - so don't go harassing me for the URL. The site is not 100% launched yet.

Thanks for any and all tips and to everyone's success!