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    May 9th, 2006
    Can somebody please help me!?
    Hi Everyone. I'm new to this forum. I am in need of some serious help. I'm in the process of building a coupon site. I'm an affiliate of linkshare, cj, performics, etc. Well, I've been looking at a lot of other sites and I see that almost everyone has printable coupons for stores like Bath and Body Works and Carters. I have a few printable coupons from keycode but that's it. I have been driving myself crazy for almost three months trying to find out what affiliate program offers all these printable store coupons and I can't find it. I also want printable grocery coupons that I can actually put on my site. I understand that a lot of you may not feel comfortable answering my question because you feel it is competition. But I am practically begging. I'll even link directly to your site just for helping me. Just one last question, are these coupons from affiliate programs or directly with the stores themselves? or are they just coupons you found online but aren't getting paid for. Thank You. I will forever be grateful to anyone who could at least point me in the right direction.

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    Hi Mommy....unfortunately none of these people actually help much

    there is one guy with a really ugly site who jumps on anyone who offers 'freebies' or even deals I think

    I guess a lot of these do use feeds from the sites themselves, you might check in the threads about "feeds"

    keeping up with coupons is a daunting task I agree.

    feel free to post your email and I will contact you or if you can pm me, but really
    I think if you look around here, many ask questions, but other than high handed answers or people trying to sell you hundreds of $$ software or templates you are "SOL"


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    Probably from Vendor
    Good morning. I just came across your post and I'm no expert, but I believe the large retail coupons probably come from marketing agencies hired by the retailers themselves, rather than affiliates. That may be why you're having trouble finding one. I did quite a bit of mystery shopping over the last year or so and whenever we had to involve a retailer's coupon, they were highly guarded and had to be returned when not used, etc. Hope that helps. You could always contact their PR departments yourself if you wanted to. Maybe some of the smaller yet well known retailers. Good luck, Proffitt.

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    Mommy0205, the only site like that I know of is Coolsavings who is a known parasite:

    Sites with downloads are generally considered to be parasites. It is difficult to sort them from the affiliates who are cheating. Once you see cookies over written and commissions stolen you tend to be a little paranoid.

    freebiequeen, yes some of us are bias against posters we see scamming newbies. Let the newbies read for themselves. If you don't like the forum then get off of it.

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