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    January 17th, 2005
    A URL submission company has added one of my CGI scripts to their software without my permission and has ignored my e-mails asking them to remove my address. The company is Submit Wolf and I need some advice on how to proceed. Their site lists a phone number for support contact, but it isn't toll free and is in Australia. I am in the US. I will call them if I have to, but I thought I would check here first and see if anyone has any advice for me.

    Thanks in advance.

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    January 17th, 2005
    From the site:
    Register your pages with over 1000 search engines and Directories in minutes.
    Post your links to over 500,000 link pages.
    Submit as many of your URLs as you like at no additional cost.
    48 Hour, Priority Paid Submission on MSN, AOL, HotBot, GOTO, iWon, AltaVista, and other sites part of the Inktomi network.
    Analyze how well your web site ranks on major engines.
    Optimize your web pages to improve search engine ranking.

    I am assuming that you run one of the link directories that their software submits to.
    Even if they did remove you from newer versions of the software, you wiould still have the problem with the existing versions and users.

    I would suggest adding a line or two to your cgi script.
    Have it check to see what type of browser the user is using. It might come up with submitwolf v34.676 - if it does this, simply check the USER-AGENT(i think) pre-defined variable to anything that includes "submitwolf" and reject the link.
    You could get the info from your server stats.
    This would be a quick fix, until you can manage to get your site removed from the software.

    I would also suggest snail-mailing them (or calling)
    Trellian Ltd
    8 East Concourse

    Fax: + 61-3-9589-7951
    Phone: + 61-3-9589-7946
    (9 - 5pm Monday to Friday Australian Standard Eastern Time)

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    January 17th, 2005
    I just check our your site (looks good by the way) and saw your page.
    I think this method will reduce most of the load on your server. You will still get the hits (until it is removed by the software co.), but the emails will not be sent to you.
    did you write the cgi script?
    If not post the address you downloaded it from & I'll have a look at modifying it. I will need to know exactly what their USER_AGENT is though.

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    # part of the user agent that is
    # consistent through out versions
    $badguys = "SubmitWolf";

    $user_agent = $ENV{'HTTP_USER_AGENT'};
    if (($user_agent =~ /$badguys/i ) {
    } else {
    # the rest of your script goes here

    this is very rough and not tested, but is close.
    for all you others... cloaking in it's roughest form (googlebot)

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    I run a number of link directory sites and run into the same thing with some regularity... and I gave up expecting anyone on the other to end to listen to my pleas for removal some time ago.

    For me, I have found the least painful and fastest way to handle these scum (scum because they will not listen to requests for removal) is to change the URL of the add script. Because of the way my sites are set up, I just have to change two lines of code and a file name.

    No, it's NOT the ideal solution. But it's the least time-consuming and annoying to me and it generally takes such sites six months to figure out they have a problem... if they EVER do.

    Is there legal recourse? Possibly, but it would be a long and difficult case and won't prevent the next similar site from doing the same exact thing.

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