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    $100 Bonus Potential from
    Hello Friends,

    Recently the launch of in the AvantLink network was announced through our ABW category. Have you had a chance to check out what Rock/Creek Outfitters has to offer? They have a very impressive site and they know outdoor gear! If you make the effort to send them your traffic, they will convert for you.

    To help jump start things, Rock/Creek has decided to offer the first five Affiliates to bring $1000 in sales a $100 cash bonus.

    The quicker you add's links, the better chance you'll have at that $100 bonus. With the climbing, paddling and camp seasons getting ramped up, I don't think it will take very long for five Affiliates to cash in.

    Remember, AvantLink has a fully-integrated tool center available for FREE to all network Affiliates. This includes organized and standardized, ABW-defined datafeeds.

    Here are some options for integrating on your site:

    If you're already an Affiliate of AvantLink, join by clicking the 'Merchant' link in the main menu, then selecting the detail page for an 'Apply Now' link.

    If you're interested in joining AvantLink to promote this program, use the following URL to apply at the network level:

    Good luck everyone. I know that $100 cash bonus would come in handy this time of the year.

    If you need assistance or have questions feel free to contact anyone at AvantLink or RockCreek's AM Mark McKnight, mark[at]


    Paul from AvantLink

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    Thanks Paul!
    Thanks for the announcement Paul; I'm excited about this contest and I'm looking forward to getting things ramped up with Avant. I think RockCreek has a lot to offer to our customers and our affiliate partners.

    Just to give a little background on our company, I thought I'd pull a quote from our Environmental Statement:

    Rock/Creek Outfitters, parent company of and, is a specialty outdoor retailer with two decades of brick and mortar experience. We are committed to personal and professional leadership in the outdoor industry and the larger community, especially with regard to environmental initiatives. We use outdoor retail as a platform to encourage all people to get outside and become active.

    Full Environmental Statement here:
    As Paul said, please don't hesitate to contact me if I can help you with anything.


    Mark McKnight

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    Hey thanks for checking in Mark!

    Just wanted to update everyone.. the launch promo was announced less than 48 hours ago and we already have an Affiliate more than half way to the first $100 bonus!!

    Who else wants in on this??

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