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    I hope it is ok to post this here, if not please feel free to move it!

    I have a question about site design. I notice some sites use a 3 column set up with the 3rd column on the right for those little button sized banners.

    I am working on a new site and just wondering if you all feel these little buttons/ads get much click throughs? I was thinking of putting some there, maybe along the lines of "in association with" etc...

    Thanks for the help. I am trying to decide if I want to use up the real estate on them.

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    I started my site with that sort of design... after about 5,000 page views without ONE SINGLE click on those button ads, I pulled them all. YMMV.

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    You have to do a little experimenting when using the 88 x 31 buttons. Personally I've had slightly more clicks on those than 468 x 60 banners (but as many people know text links work the best). If youre going to use that whole third column for the buttons then it would probably be a better idea to use about 3 buttons and have some descriptive text (positive ad spin) below each button.

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