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    403 asking for SSN & More For "Contest Win"
    Anybody else get this? They had some kinds of sales contest in CJ and in order to get the prize you have to send them a Tax ID and allow sponsor and sponsor's designee to "use my name and likeness for any and all promotional purposes without further permission or compensation."

    Maybe if this was PCH big $$$$ win, but it's less than $100 bucks.

    Be nice if they would just pay the bonus like everyone else does through CJ.

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    Prize is taxable so I am sure that is why they are asking for id#. I think one of the costume co also asked for tax id in order to claim prizes won for halloween sales. Using your likeness is probably a standard part of any agreement to claiming a prize. I agree much preferred if they would just pay thru cj

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    I assume they asked for the data after you'd won.

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