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    Please help a Newbie - First affiliate site
    Hello everyone,

    I recently launched a website where I want to generate money by having my clients/subscribers to complete offers for credits on my website. Since I want to do this correctly the first time, I have gone ahead and setup a simple form that they can fill in their name and e-mail address and i'll update them with instructions on how to get credits on the website (by doing offers, of which I will generate revenue from).

    Now my question to you is this: Where do I go about pushing affiliate products on my website, and how do I track whether or not my subscribers actually did the offers? I know there are many affiliate networks, but I was curious what would work for what I am wanting to do. I need confirmation from the affiliate within a certain time-frame of when the offer was completed and by whom (i believe tracked via cookies?!?). I don't mind going through a third party affiliate network, as long as they are legit and actually pay out.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as to what the best route for me to go is. Simple offers (like signup for or and others simple like that). I am not going to be pushing actual stores to try to generate revenue that way. Thanks!!

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    There are a number of networks that offer "Incentive Offers". These are the offers that you can promote, and offer points to the users. Most of these networks also have the ability to pass back information as to who signed up for the offer, so you know which user to credit. Some of these offers also have a coregistration path included before the incentive offers in order to further monetize the traffic. Implementation is usually at no charge, and is relatively easy, but has to be accompanied by significant traffic to the site in order to justify the effort.

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