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    How can I get the structure on a DB
    Someone that is doing a little work for me asked for the SQL of my database structure. How do I get that. I am a little familier with phpmyadmin. Can anyone give me a tip?

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    You want to Export your database. If he needs the data you can choose to include it or not. You can even export it as a file so you don't need to cut and paste. It's fairly straightforward with phpmyadmin.

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    In phpmyadmin, select the database from the drop down menu on the left. Once you have done that you will get to the main screen of that database there should be a menu option in the main page there that says "export", click that and then you will be presented with a page that has a lot of options, what you need to do is select ALL tables by pressing the "select all" link (depends on what version of phpmyadmin you have though) then you need to tick the radio button/tick box that says "structure only". You do not need structure and data! and then you want to select "save as file", if your database is not huge there is no need to select compression or archive just press go and there you have it.

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