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    March 16th, 2006
    Positive CJ Thread...Been having some great days...
    ...the past couple of days...

    My EPC over the past few days has been insane...This Sunday has been one of my best Sunday's in a long time...

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    I would normally expect zero sales on a weekend like this and not many sales for the few days leading up to it. I've had a few so I'm a happy camper.

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    January 18th, 2005
    For a Holiday, today has been good.

    My CJ numbers have been strong over the past few weeks. I had a large slump a few weeks ago, but it was due to a mistake my dumb a** made

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    Quote Originally Posted by melty
    ...the past couple of days...

    My EPC over the past few days has been insane...This Sunday has been one of my best Sunday's in a long time...
    Curious as to what your EPC was?

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    October 27th, 2005
    mines been decent but not out of the ordinary, or high..or that low.

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    Mine has not been good at all but that doesn't really matter... I would like to say.. Happy mothers day to all those mothers out there who really make a difference in the world. Their dedication is truly appreciated by all of us. Happy mothers day to my mom, to my wife and mother of my 9 wonderful children.... MOM, thanks for being a wonderful and prolific mother who gives her experience freely and shares her experiences with her grandchildren so that they will not only love her but cherish the memories that she has built with them.. and happy mothers day to all the hard working mothers that just don't get the recognition that they truly deserve.

    All mothers, young and old, should use this accepted holiday as a great excuse to have a mammogram. Breast cancer takes far too many of our loved ones. Our moms need to be checked! Please do this.. for us!!!

    Happy mothers day and please take this opportunity to get checked.... take this opportunity to encourage YOUR mother to get checked.
    :warning: If we don't get some cool rules ourselves.... pronto... then we'll just be bogus too..

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    low sales today

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    Happy mothers day
    Very Sweet Kevin...Thank You!!

    I've let my big networks slide and have been focusing on sas and smaller indie fronts so My CJ epc is negligible right now. Thank God I have some good producing indies!

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    So what is a good or network average CJ EPC? $5 $10, $20, $50, $100, $200+?

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