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    Talking Do you have an affiliate-bio page to help merchants decide to accept you?
    This is one of those "Chicken and Egg" things that I bet a lot of new affiliates have issues with (including myself):

    Do you create a site prior to applying to a merchant? Or better yet, do you have an affiliate "bio" page that explains what you do, how you market products, samples, etc, and direct them there?

    What's the in-thing to do now? apply first, then build next? build first, then apply? I know one particular network (shareasale) that requires an initial web site url. It's the URL that most merchants will see when deciding to accept/decline. Unfortunately, mine are pretty targeted, and may not necessarily apply to the merchant I'd like to apply to.

    How do you do it?

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    When I applied to my first affilaite program, I sent the AM a brief email stating why I was applying to the program and how I planned on marketing their product line. I had a site, but it was nothing more than a blank page with "Future Home of" on it.

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    Mine was almost the same as UncleScooters except for I had a real newbie mall type site that didnt relate to the programs I joined and was rejected a lot. ( I joined every program )
    It wouldn't hurt to send the am an email with your idea for a site. It pays diveneds to show the am that you are serious. I also have a Bio page built like you say but rarely use it.
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    Ok, thanks. I went ahead and created a one page "bio" about how I promote and what to expect. Kind of cheesy, but I think it gets the point across.

    As part of that, I'll be contacting the AMs just in case.

    Thanks again!

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