I recently purchased a turnkey affiliate directory type site, written in php. While I am familiar with html, php has me a bit confused at the moment. I am finding that it is not as literal as html. It definitely has a learning curve

Anyhow, I currently have the site loaded in a test environment so that I can play with it. Furthermore, I want to incorporate affiliate cloaking/masking so that my affiiliate links do not get hijacked. I have been reading about cloaking, however, I am unsure how I can apply some of the principles to my site. For example, it appears to me that my directory.php page is home to many of the affiliate links that will be shown. If I view the source from the browser, I can see the info. However, if I view the same file in edit mode directly on the server, the file is different. Not everything appears, like when I was viewing the source code in the browser. So, I am unsure how and where to establish the affiliate cloaking. Does anyone want to take a stab at this?

The site I am testing is the following: www.practicesite.info. BTW, This is not an affiliate url or link.

Also, I don't have access to the .htaccess file. My hosting platform does not give me access to the root.

Thanks everyone,