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    Red face Dumb Question...
    When you add a website to an existing CJ account, are you automatically approved for all the merchants on your first account or do you have to apply with the new website? It's been awhile since I added a new site and I can't remember the process. It looks like with Linkshare you have to go in and reapply with the new url but again... I'm guessing.


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    On CJ, the publisher is approved so all of your web sites are fine. I think it is the same on LS, but I am not sure.

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    At CJ you don't have to reapply for each site.

    BTW that's NOT a dumb question.

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    Hi leeann, Yes if you're already approved for one site they'll be automatically approved for the new site.

    But consider this, if you have multiple sites listed everytime you make a link you have to go through the hassle of choosing which site the link will be on... That's the way I used to have mine set up and was losing quite alot of time; so I changed it to just one site... Something to think about.

    Love You,

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