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    A Few Payment Questions
    1) Why can't I see current active merchants in the merchant payment
    history? I have been paid by these companies, but yet they don't exist in merchant payment list.

    2) Does Linkshare take partial payments? The merchant I can't find on the merchant payment history list also paid me only a fourth of what was owed to me from the March invoice period.

    3)Another Merchant who showed up as paid on the merchant payment list also made a partial payment to me. Why am I not getting 100% of my commissions that show up under the March payment report?

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    March 16th, 2006
    I called support and they said that transaction that come in at the end of the month may not be invoiced until the following month.

    So, if you get commissions on transactions made on March 30 or March 31, it does not go on the March invoice, it goes on the April invoice. That kind of sucks.

    So in my case, I have a merchant that I make commission for the month of March, where part goes to an April invoice, and the April invoice will probably be paid the end of May...

    So I will finally collect all commissions due from March on the June 9th Linkshare payment...

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