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    Just how long do you think we the affiliates should put up with all the crap. The crooked merchants,scumware etc. Is it so hard to understand that it is we, the affiliates that make the whole concept work? Can we not form our own organization with a Board of Directors,secretary and a treasurer. If there are one thousand of us can you image the total amount of impressions and hits we generate? If we can generate 1000 merchants at 250.00 a month ,look at what we would have to work with.It up to us to take charge and control.
    Hey Andy at Tiger Direct. Would you pay our Group 250.00 per month based on the fact that all our proposed members displayed your Banners?

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    Just Hope it was that way...
    It would be living in dream land for us affiliates...But hmmm...i don't see that as a possibility as the merchants want to fill their pockets first and last


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    I was working on establishing a CPM ad network, the only problem is today's going rate is only about $1.00 and the setup and recruiting and operational costs would bring it down to about $0.45 CPM to start, that is if we can get the cos to go with CPM (it is relatively dead!).

    The other alternative is CPC for which there are many good programs out there.


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