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    Canadians - a timid and modest people?

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    William, thanks for that link! I guess that I will not be hanging around ABW much anymore - now that I have discovered this new site where I am truly understood and encouraged (grin).

    Check out the link "Signs that you may be Canadian too". Point 2) You dismiss all beers under 6% as "for children and the elderly." My liver is amused...

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    Reminds me of the movie Canadian Bacon. Absolutely hilarious movie, but you'll miss most of the humor if you're not familiar with Canada.

    (If you haven't seen the movie, don't read the quotes below as they reveal quite a bit of the humor in the movie!)

    RCMP Officer at Headquarters: I don't know what you're talking aboot, eh?
    Kabral: Aboot! It's ABOUT! And what's with this 'eh' business?
    Roy Boy: [pointing a gun] We have ways of making you pronounce the letter O, pal.

    Roy Boy: I want to call the American embassy!
    Boomer: All I said was "Canadian beer sucks!"
    [riot intensifies]
    Kabral: People! People! Can't we all just get along?

    Smiley: When have you ever heard anyone say, "Honey, lets stay in and order Canadian food"?

    (one of my favorites!)
    [the Mountie explains that Honey has been taken to the capital]
    Boomer: The capital Toronto.
    RCMP Officer at Headquarters: No, the capital of Canada is Ottawa.
    Boomer: Yeah, right. Do we look that stupid? Ottawa!
    Roy Boy: Nice try, Dudley.

    [Highway patrolman tells Boomer why his graffiti must be in both English and French]
    Highway Patrolman: Le Quebecois.
    Boomer: Huh?
    Highway Patrolman: You know. Wine drinkers. Pea soup eaters. French Canadians!

    Highway Patrolman: I do have to fine you. That will be a thousand dollars Canadian, or 10 American dollars if you prefer.

    RCMP Helecopter: Attention, please. Attention, please. This is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Would you come down from the tower, please.
    Honey: If you say "please" one more time, I'm gonna let you have it!

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    Another Classic - from This Hour Has 22 Minutes
    This Hour has 22 Minutes: street poll of Americans. One of the questions was what did they think about Canada's new plan to streamline their time-keeping system by having 24 hours in a day instead of 16 - many Amercians polled thought it was a good idea!

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    LMAO @ all of you! We Canucks really take being Canadian for granted until someone comes along and pokes fun at us.

    Thanks for the giggles... as for This Hour Has 22 Minutes - what a great show!

    I also love the Rick Mercer Show. Another fine example of Canadian humour (yes, I spelled it with a "U").

    The best episode was when Rick went to (former) Prime Minister Paul Martin's 'temporary' house (aka our version of the White House, only in Ottawa - yes, it IS the capital) to help him insulate for winter with plastic shrink wrap and a hair dryer... ah yes, and first they went shopping at Canadian Tire together (big houseware/hardware dept. store here) to shop for all they needed to do the job.

    There's somethign to be said for being Canadian, after all, eh? We're easily amused... LOL


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    Hopefully no one starts the Newfie jokes!!!
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