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    Products for women
    Your opinion is needed,

    We have been a manufacturer of womens health related products. We are a FDA regestered, GMP facitllity, and have been producing mainly private label and wholesale over the last 10 yrs.

    We are considering going retail through an affiliate program (Share A Sale) with a few of our products; Clinically formulated, and tested, that address energy, libido, sleep, PMS, and menopause.

    I would really appreciate all of your input, and helpful advice as to how you feel these type of products would be received in the land of the affiliate.

    Very Best

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    assuming good history of consumer acceptance, the products are not a problem for affiliates.

    how you interact with affiliates should be your main concern.

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    great information -
    thank you for your response. if you would like to share a few ideas with respect to how we should treat affiliates, your input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Joy,

    To add to Herb's comments, there are a number of factors to consider when exploring the option of adding an affiliate program to your marketing mix.

    You need to ensure you have the resource in place to manage and develop relationships with affiliates, ensure your offer is competitive in the marketplace and market your brand independent of the program itself.

    Brand awareness, credibility and legitimacy are very important for any partners doing business with you and as with any new product launch, you'll need to consistently deliver against the promise your brand makes.

    Any relevant data you have such as: product conversions, consumer response and specifically for your affiliate program: how quickly you pay your affiliates, whether or not you're willing to make private offers and if you're committed to listening to their feedback to improve your overall program is equally important.
    Susan Arts
    Senior Vice President, Marketing
    Moxy Media

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    I think the most important thing when putting your product out in the market is to realize that there are affiliates who will promote your product and there are also affiliates who find affiliates to promote your product. The reason this is important is because the affiliates who find affiliates to promote your product need to be able to put your product out to their affiliates at the same price you are. Thus, calculate your pricing model so that you add an extra bit of commision on for affiliates who promote affiliates.

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