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    Angry Merchants who steal from merchants...
    This really gets me fired up. I recently came accross a post on ABW for a new "competitor" called in the magazine space. While looking at their site I suddenly realized that they have stollen all of our cover scans for their site!!!

    Cover scans are an integral part of our business and we spend a ton of money on procuring, scanning, and re-touching covers. We noticed this thieving trend awhile ago so we started putting "tells" in our images so that we could identify the culprits.

    Of course the C&D is going out now with a bill for services rendered but sometimes you need to air the dirty laundry.

    Our cover for National Geographic Explorer versus theirs

    Notice the off-set black box over the bar-code in the lower right corner? This is just one of hundreds of examples for this site alone.

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    Unfortunate ... I like to sometimes take it a step further with images and integrate a subtle visible watermark

    good luck

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    more fun when they are linking to your images; you can really make them look bad.

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