To everyone... recently we've been dealing with quite a few rules/regulation violations here of a wide-range...

Please be advised that it is up to each one of you to carefully review "Terms of Agreements" both on the ShareASale service as well as each and every merchant program that you participate in.

If you fail to read the rules of a certain merchant program, and are then found in violation of those rules, it is possible that you will not only lose the commissions stemming from those violations - but it is also possible to lose your ShareASale account in general.

Please... we don't want to de-activate or suspend accounts due to rules violations - so please be careful to read each merchant's agreement.

Specifically, regarding PPC bidding and keyword restrictions - affiliates who fail to comply with merchant terms of use are really putting their accounts at risk...this is a friendly heads up with a minor warning attached. Please be advised that we really need you to cooperate and pay attention to the rules that are set forth by merchants.

While I am talking... I should note that some of the recent violations were on the Merchant side... so Merchants, also... please read the rules too! Thank you.