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    How to track the click
    Fatwallet has cash back for many merchants. I am wondering how they keep tracking on who bought what. Will LS returns such info to the associate?

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    They use a optional tracking code that they set to the login ID of each user, when a person buys something from a merchant that extra tracking code is captured and stored in LinkShare where FatWallet and sites that do the same can see who needs to be awardded cash back.


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    How is the tracking code passed to LS? Is that a function to track every merchant in LS? In other words, will the tracking code be inserted in somewhere in the url to LS? Also, will LS provide the tracking code in their report?

    Can I find some related information in the LS help page?

    Thanks a lot!

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    It sounds like you are looking for information on our Singature tracking product. LinkShare Signature allows affiliates to track and generate detailed reports on the commerce activity generated by its site down to the transaction level of each individual member, organization, or sub site. Different business models have different uses for Signature. Here is the link to the information on Singnature on the Resource Center


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