With all the discussion going around now about Affiliate linking formats, how Google and the other SEs are reacting to Affiliate links, and the rel="nofollow" attribute; I wanted to post on these topics to clarify AvantLink's related position.

We believe it's important to provide linking format options, and to let our Affiliates make their own decisions about which option they think is best.

Through the AvantLink network, Affiliates are offered a choice when configuring their custom links or selecting banners and text links. In fact ALL creative offered through our advanced tool center come with linking format choices including standard/hard code html, rss, dynamic javascript and even a web service client for the dynamic, spiderable datafeed tool.

If our Affiliates feel the need to use rel="nofollow" in their links, they can easily do so by choosing a standard HTML link and adding it in by hand. We also provide a dynamic javascript banner/text link option as well. As far as the web service client, rel="nofollow" is one of many advanced configuration options that rolled out with our recent v3.0 Datafeed Manager upgrade. Some other killer options include the ability to use internal re-directs for links, collect/publish product reviews, and change the 'Buy Now' anchor text to anything Affiliates want...to just name a few.

Thanks for working with AvantLink...and if you're not already in the network Apply Now to check all this out!

Gary M