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    Question Hydra network?
    Folks, I followed an ad on the affiliate summit newsletter to the Hydra Network site. I had applied to them once before when I was first starting out and got rejected. Well, I got rejected again, it was immediate so it must be been automatic. This time I emailed them to ask why. They replied that my site stats were too low for them ... which is possible as it is a fairly new but fast growing site. They replied again, twice, asking for information such as my phone number, bank details, how much I'm making on my site already, etc. All information that I have no intention of giving out at all. I'm in Switzerland so don't give out my phone number to US companies ... don't want to be woken in the middle of the night by some idiot.

    Well ... the point of all this is ... does anyone know anything about this network? I tried the search function here but there was very little there and it was all old information. Is it worth my while "selling my site to them" ... this is what their email asked me to do. My current reaction is to forget them ... would I be right?

    Thanks, Sue.

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    run away

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    Sue, we have some experience with Hydra, as well as some our our affiliates do. And they are a good network, (once you get accepted, of course. lol), they are similar to many other of us CPA networks, with good offers and competitive payouts, and as far as I know, they pay on time (very important!).

    Each network sets a lot of their guidelines and requirements for new affiliates typically based on areas where they have been burned before in the past and want to make sure it does not happen again. We, for example, require that the affiliate provide a valid phone # that we can reach them at, to verify they are a real person, and find out more details as to how they market and what their intentions are with our network offers. We always take into consideration their location and time zone, and will email to schedule the best time to call.

    You have all right in the world to not feel comfortable having to try and 'sell' yourself and your site to a network and not want to provide the personal details they are requesting. There are some other good networks out there that may be more willing to accept you as an affiliate without the requirements of Hydra. Since it seems you aren't comfortable with what Hydra is requesting, I will have to agree with Herb, run away. Research some other networks, and give them a shot. I know is pretty open to all affiliates. Perhaps give them a shot.

    Best of luck and success!

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