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    Back Linking software?
    Morning Guys and Gals,

    I do not have enough people linking to my website and that leads to a 0/10 google page rank.

    Do not want to go through link farms whereby people with viagara stores or nigerian gold/oil will try to link to your site. I would like to get people's opinion about:

    -It effective?
    -Is it a spyware?

    I have been doing it manually and boy, it is painful.

    Talking about contacting the person, uploading the link.. checking to see if the other party has it up, etc...

    any faster way somebody can suggest

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    The best way to generate backlinks is to build an informative web site of value that compels people to link to it naturally - over time. Nothing happens overnight, so yes, this takes months and even years.

    If your links are not naturally acquired you'll never get the performance you want from your site. Certainly don't spend any money on backlink software...

    Good Luck,

    Gary M

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    Gary's right, software like that is dangerous, as you may end up looking like a spammer, or worse.

    Some other people are having success by writing content (in the form of articles), and dropping them off in the reputable article directories. If, and when, some sites pick up the article, you should receive a backlink in return.

    I've yet to do anything like this, but I understand that some people are doing it well, and it's bringing traffic, as well as backlinks.

    Let us know what you decide to do..
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    that software is free.

    I am getting decent traffic from articles, etc but i do not have enough quality in coming links

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