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    Posting sound samples or links to sound clips
    I signed up with iTunes a long time ago thinking I would be able to supply visitors with links to sound clips, so they could preview suggested songs. Well, I finally got my lazy self around to trying the iTunes linkmaker, and all it does is send people to a hard-sell page ... no previews.

    Is there a way to make sound clips more accessible through iTunes? I don't really care about the tiny commission, I just want people to get a sense of the suggested songs. Any other music program offer sound clips or links to sound clips?

    - blake

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    As a matter of fact, can anyone else suggest another (better) music merchant?

    iTunes is a rag. If you lose your music files on the computer, your ipod loses all those songs too. WTF is THAT?!!

    I could have a great time creating a music site ... but iTunes is out of the question.

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