There are way too many to list here. For that reason and ease of updating purposes please visit the link to the text file for the list. The names are listed on multiple venues. The first to post, email, or PM sold is the buyer. Payments should be made via paypal within 24 hours from sold agreement. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

A sample of the list

Vioxx-Class-Action 2007-05-13
Rap-Ringtones 2007-05-16
Find-Directions 2007-05-12
GetAReservation 2007-05-18
HardEquityFunding 2007-05-18

Registerfly 05/19/07 05/12/07 05/19/07 05/19/07 05/12/07 05/12/07 05/10/07 05/10/07 02/28/07 05/19/07 05/19/07

*This is short term sale pricing. Asking prices are subject to change at any time and at my descretion.