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    Strange indexing situation

    In March I moved large sections of my site to a new subdomain. Originally, it was a folder entitled "Music." The new subdomain is

    I then set up 301 redirects to the new subdomain. Yahoo and MSN have happily indexed the new addresses, but not Google. They continue to have some of old addresses ( that redirect indexed, but nary a page from the new subdomain.

    What do I need to do?


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    Seth, that's how Google is now and we just have to live with it. There's nothing much you can do other than continue to develop the site so it provides a good user experience, no duplicates or near_duplicates among pages, and has intuitive, crawlable navigation. And try your darndest to get some decent quality inbound links to that subdomain.

    It'll get in eventually with some decent linkage but it's practically like starting from scratch with Google now when a bunch of pages are moved.

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    You might want to customize a 404 that offers the option of the main domain or the new subdomain music (maybe include a search function for the sub with a short explination as to your URL changes).

    either that or set up a 301 for each and every page you had indexed from that folder.

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    Thanks to both of you.

    I've actually 301ed (new word?) each address to the new subdomain and deleted the original pages. So in effect, Google still indexes pages that don't exist, whereas those pages are now on the subdomain.

    The only exceptions are some pages that, in my less experienced past, I had created with blank spaces in the page name. I wasn't able to figure out how to get a 301 to work there, because of the space, so I kept the page and used a javascript "window" function to forward to the new location.

    I just submitted the new sitemap to Google, but still no index. And some pages are ranking high on MSN and Yahoo for certain keywords. It's strange, or is it?

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