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    How much is to much?
    Hey folks,

    I'm relatively new to the affiliate game and have few questions regarding quantity and quality of affiliate programs.

    First off, how much is to much OR is there no such thing as to much affiliate publishing? For me, time constraints is the biggest issue. Are there quicker and more efficient ways to post codes?

    Secondly, I use a shopping cart software and Front Page 2003 that I constantly modify to post the codes, text and banners. I've tried numerous combonations to make the pages aesthetically pleasing and informative but mostly end up looking like a train wreck. My first "niche" store is travel and vacation related. I've visited numerous travel sites and they all look so organized and informative. Are there templates, scripts, programs available to use, free or otherwise to make loading code more efficient?

    Next, can you be a member of to many affiliate programs and have to many affiliate projects going on at one time to effectively keep up with all the coding needed to keep your site fresh and updated? I realize the time one has to work on these projects is probably the biggest factor but in you expert opinions where should you draw the line?

    I've got more questions but time is against me right now so I'll post more later.



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    I'll answer a question with a question:

    Q: How much is too much?

    A: How much do your visitors want?

    If you have a lot, it's important that visitors be able to drill down, filter, organize, etc., to easily find exactly what they want.

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    Next, can you be a member of to many affiliate programs and have to many affiliate projects going on at one time to effectively keep up with all the coding needed...
    God'll be neglecting sites that need attention b/c you're working on one or another.

    I did the same when I first started out, and quickly cut back from that approach. I only apply to one merchant at a time, build whatever site I'm intending to build, tweak it until I'm satisfied, and then move on to the next one. If something needs to be fixed or chaanged in one of the already-created sites, then I'll stop my current progress to fix it, and then move back on...

    Besides, you'll end up driving yourself crazy in the end if you're overwhelmed..
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    In terms of too many affiliate programs....

    I think I remember someone here saying that at first you need to throw a lot of crap at the wall to see what sticks and then refine your efforts to focus on what sticks.

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