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    Adwords click with no impressions
    My Campaign Summary shows 1 click with 0 impressions - how is this possible?
    (Sorry if this is a newb question - I did a search and found nothing)

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    expand your reporting to include the prior day and see if that straightens things out, other than that was it a test click?

    where does it show i click...adwords or the affiliate reporting? (test click?)

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    Sorry to waste your time - there must have been a reporting lag because the impression just showed (20 minutes after the click).

    (The click I was referring to was reported in Adwords - not affiliate reporting)

    Makes you wonder though...

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    Actually this does happen sometimes. Google has impression filters looking for fraud as well as click filters. Of course then the question is why not filter the click too if the impression is fraudulent? I got a $1 refund when I complained about this...

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    Thanks xor0,

    After my last post, I realised that I have no way of knowing if the impression that eventually showed-up was anyway related to the "phantom" click. Your posting makes a lot of sense - maybe I should contact Google.

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