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    Anyone heard of CPA Warehouse??
    I found a product that I wanted to buy. I found it also has an affiliate program so I might want to market it, but I've never heard of the network that it's a part of. The network is CPA Warehouse. Anyone ever heard of them? I'm kind of leary of joining a network I've never heard of. So, anybody? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

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    I do have some good news on the CPA Warehouse affiliate program
    I, like many people, have had to grapple with the cleaning out of an old email box or two. I was cleaning up an old email box I used for affiliate marketing information, and started to see which companies were even still around. There has been a lot of fallout in the affiliate genre over the last few years, or should I just call it turnover. Many of the emails led to dead links, or even worse, ghost sites, fully running, but with no activity (read payments) in a long time. Out of the thousands of companies, products, and individuals that offered affiliate programs a few years ago, only a handful of them are still up and running today, surely just to be replaced by thousands of others. But for any affiliate program to still show activity after all of this time has something going for them, simply based on my non scientific, see who is still left alive survey. I am going to at least give them a second look. Sorry, maybe not the in depth info you are looking for, but it helps to know that an affiliate program has been around for a while, and even better if we could foretell if the would be there tomorrow. No matter what the payout, this can often be the real test of an affiliate programs success, stability. I wish us both the best of business.

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