Hello all

I reciently put the following information on my affilaite info page. Can anyone see anything wrong with it either from a technical standpoint or an ethical one?


Affiliates - Protect your link

Directing your potential customers to a php page that redirects to your Hop link can go a long way toward preventing link theft and protecting your profits. Instead of promoting LINK REMOVED directly, promote your own php page that will redirect to the Hop link.

PHP Code:
("Location: http://affiliate.ameriline.hop.clickbank.net"); 
Just create a new page with notepad and paste the above code into it. Be sure to replace "Affiliate" with your own ID. Then save it to your server with any name you choose but with the PHP extension. When the page is called, it will redirect the customer to your hop link. --> IMPORTANT INFO BELOW

Please, if you are using a pay per click advertising system, be sure to follow the rules. Many PPC programs DO NOT ALLOW landing on a redirect page. It is very important that you follow the rules of whatever advertising product you are using. I only recommend the above method when linking from your own pages or pages that you can trust.