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    January 18th, 2005
    I constantly get spam mail from them. How many e-mails do they let people send for free? I am getting quite a few Pagan e-mails.

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    Far too many as far as I am concerned.
    First it was the hotmail accounts to report. Past week or so it has been from yahoo instead. I will just keep on reporting the same ones who keep sending out multiple times.

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    Odds are that the emails are coming from neither Yahoo! or Hotmail -- return email addys on spam are generally spoofed.

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    gosh ssanf,

    Thats just simple...anonymous email...send as many as emails as u want...But u cant receive any lol...use any email address u funny that this is so very unsafe...Although u couls send as many as emails in a day from yahoo too....No restrictions...


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