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    Question Merchants using more than 1 program
    How do commissions playout when a merchant is running a program with say CJ and SAS? A browser clicks on my link from SAS, no purchase. Then they later click on another affiliates link from CJ, no purchase. Later the browser types in the homepage to the merchant and makes a purchase. Who gets the commission? Both? I would think both since the cookies are there and a purchase from a direct affiliate link wasn't used.

    .....assuming the browser is using cookies, no parasites, no Norton, etc...

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    I think that each merchant deals with this differently.
    Some don't deal with it at all.

    We see the 1st cookie and credit it to the correct network, IF they made a purchase.
    If they clear their cookies we still keep their info in "lifetime accounts"

    Some will differ BUT that is the way WE SEE IT

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    AM is easy, multi network is convoluted, a good thing is when a merchant posts as Adam did above. Otherwise who knows what is going on?

    Know, be enriched and "work" accordingly (first set cookie, etc and always ask pointed Qs to the merchant for the "real" answers.
    Continued Success,

    The secret of success is constancy of purpose ~ Disraeli

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    From my experience it is the last referring affiliate.

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